Dragon View Portable X-Ray System

Dragon View Portable X-Ray System

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Developed exclusively for the security industry by Televere Systems and OPS15, DragonView is easy to deploy and produces high-resolution digital images in just seconds. Bomb Technicians, EOD/IED specialists and other security professionals can swiftly obtain the data necessary to make critical decisions on the spot. DragonView will significantly enhance mission capabilities with rapid deployment and image acquisition. Potential threats are identified or mitigated directly from the acquisition screen. DragonView software includes advanced image processing and calculate measurements for precision shooting.

Engineering innovations put DragonView ahead of the pack when it comes to rugged portability. The lightweight, compact, backpack kit is quick to deploy and easy to maneuver. The innovative 10” x 12" DR panel produces crisp, clear images allowing the technician to make "go, no-go" decisions confidently.

Available in a battery and tethered model, there is a system perfect for your unique application. The panel's rechargeable internal battery is capable of four hours continuous run time and compliments the wireless trigger for your Golden X-Ray source as well. Control both the X-Ray and panel from within DragonView’s easy to use software interface. With the ever-prevalent threat to our safety, those we trust to protect us need tools to mitigate these types of threats as quickly and safely as possible. The DragonView System will provide these teams with the highest quality, real-time imagery of potential hazards all while protecting the safety of themselves and others. 



•10” x 12”DR Flat Panel Detector (made in USA)

•Protective Panel Case with built in nylon handles and quick clamp bi-pod stand

•Imaging Software


•Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet or Panasonic ToughPad

•Remote Image Controller

•Wired Ethernet option, Batteries & Cables

•DragonView Portable X-Ray System