LiteWave H3® Shotgun Plain Barrel Bead Replacement Sight

LiteWave H3® Shotgun Plain Barrel Bead Replacement Sight

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PBN301 59028-9
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HIVIZ is exited to introduce the new Litewave H3® PBN Plain Barrel Sight for 24 hour illumination, great for hunting, LE and home defense.

LiteWave H3® sight combines Tritium with the HIVIZ Litepipe technology for 24 illumination. Now you can have the advantage of day and night performance all in one sight system. All steel construction sight sets are rugged and durable, designed for the roughest use, whether it is personal defense and protection, Law Enforcement or Military.

The new LiteWave H3® ensures fast sight acquisition and a bright sight picture day or night.

Fit Details: Fits All 12 and 20 gauge plain barrel shotguns with removable threaded front bead. Sight includes five screws in varying thread sizes to fit nearly any shotgun: 3-56/2.5mm x .45mm; 5-40; 6-48; 3mm x .5; 3mm x .6.

LitePipe Color: Green