Micro Drones MD1000Lidar UAV Mapping Drone


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PACKAGED PRODUCTS THAT PERFORM Microdrones products are a fully integrated technology solution that help you to innovate, to stand out from competitors, to work more safely and efficiently and to collect and use data in a more valuable way. From unmanned aerial photogrammetry to LiDAR and area concern maps, you will have access to a full lineup of products that meet the needs of survey, construction, engineering and geomatics professionals. Your offering and engagement with these customers will grow, as their business grows.

WE CALL OUR FULLY INTEGRATED SYSTEMS mdSOLUTIONS FOR A GOOD REASON. Your UAV plus everything you need. All in one convenient package. At Microdrones, our goal is to empower you to deliver the best possible work while cutting costs, saving time, and completing projects more easily. mdSolutions were developed with the realities of your job in mind. Our mdLiDAR, mdMapper and mdTector packages combine industry-leading UAVs with payloads that were specifically designed for industrial applications like surveying, mapping, inspection, construction, mining, volumetrics, and precision agriculture.

These packages provide complete solutions that include aircraft, sensors, accessories, custom mounts, and even an Android tablet app that makes it easy to plan, monitor, adjust, and analyze your missions anywhere. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the process, with fully integrated software, workflow, training and support so you are ensured a perfectly integrated aerial solution that performs flawlessly from start to finish.


LiDAR + Microdrones Aircraft + easy to use software = Extreme Geomatics Productivity. mdLiDAR3000 and mdLiDAR1000 are fully integrated systems for producing 3D point clouds optimized for land surveying, construction, oil & gas, and mining applications. Microdrones has developed end-to-end LiDAR solutions combining drones, LiDAR payloads, a fully integrated software workflow, and world class support to consistently provide quality deliverables.



Businesses and institutions all over the globe rely on Microdrones aircraft to cut operating costs and make their work more efficient, safe, and accurate. Here are just a few reasons commercial users trust Microdrones aircraft:

RAIN AND HEAT RESISTANT The Microdrones molding process keeps electronics and wiring protected from the elements. Our system is resistant to rain, sand and salt, so you can fly in harsh conditions.

ROBUST HOUSING AND COMPONENTS Robust carbon fiber construction makes easy work of an occasional rough landing. Carbon fiber also insulates interior components so you can fly at more extreme temperature and humidity levels.

GNSS RECEIVER A GNSS chip combines the power of all existing satellitebased positioning systems around the globe (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Beidou), dramatically improving accuracy. This provides superior positioning and increased efficiency, while reducing risks of breakdown and missed data.

A PLUS FOR EFFICIENCY Our plus sign (+) shaped configuration is more practical. With a motor on the front, the rear and each side, the airframe remains more stable in level flight and during turns. With less energy being consumed for stability, the extra power goes to carrying heavier payloads.

FAILSAFE MOTORS FOR MINIMUM DOWNTIME Brushless, low RPM motors and large props work seamlessly for the life of your airframe. Our motors don’t need to work as hard, which translates to longevity

STABLE FLIGHT FOR PRECISE RESULTS Our smart auto pilot system instantly responds to changing winds to maintain the proper flight attitude. For mapping, stable flight delivers more accurate and precise data.

READY FOR THE FUTURE The Microdrones platform is ready to be upgraded when new developments in hardware and firmware are implemented.



Plan, monitor, adjust, and analyze your missions right from your tablet. Professionals who use Microdrones UAVs for surveying, mapping, volumetrics, inspection, construction, mining, precision agriculture, and many other commercial applications will appreciate the mdCockpit Android tablet app. This app was designed for professional drone users and makes it easy to plan, monitor, change, and analyze your flights right from your tablet. When you’re out in the field flying missions, you should always expect the unexpected. The mdCockpit app was developed to provide you with the flexibility you need to tackle projects and overcome changes and challenges as they arise.


mdInfinity is a powerful ecosystem that will enable you to quickly and efficiently process geospatial data, including Trajectory Processing, Pointcloud Georeferencing, Boresight Calibration and Pointcloud Colorization. The first module we introduce will be trajectory processing, and we will continue to add modules that expand the flexibility and usability across all of our systems. You’ll enjoy added convenience when processing trajectory data collected by your Microdrones system. This is a simple, intuitive token-based system. You can export EO and SBET files without having to open third party POSPac software!

Input • Trajectory file (T04) • Base station file (T02 and RINEX) Trajectory Processing Alternatives: • Using a dedicated base station • Using a dedicated base station along with Trimble RTX • Using Trimble Smart Base • Using Trimble PP-RTX Export • SBET • Exterior Orientation • Supports a variety of global, regional and local horizontal datums and geoids • Quality control report Dashboard • Projects overview • Details • Payment/Download • Status Coming Soon: • Pointcloud • Georeferencing • Boresight Calibration • Pointcloud Colorization



LiDAR + Microdrones aircraft + easy to use software = geomatics productivity. mdLiDAR1000 is a fully integrated system for producing 3D point clouds optimized for land surveying, construction, oil & gas, and mining applications. mdLiDAR1000 consistently provides an accuracy of 0.2 ft (6 cm) when flown at 130 ft (40 m) at a speed of 6.7 mph (3 m/s).


A lightweight, downward oriented LiDAR solution that efficiently scans at an 85 degree field of vision with a custom, lightweight, vibration-free, quick release mount to capture the data you need.

Easy end-to-end workflow: • Simple mission planning using mdCockpit • User inputs the point density or flying height and drone speed PLAN • Fully automated mission execution and real-time mission monitoring using mdCockpit FLY • Thorough georeferencing data processing using the Applanix APX-15 UAV DG and mdInfinity Software • Automated final point cloud processing using mdLiDAR processing software PROCESS • Final point cloud in standard ASPRS LAS format usable in any GIS or CAD software environment

MD1000Lidar Package Includes: 


md4-1000 Robust, powerful, stable and dependable. Build your business on this versatile platform. Charger, Flight Battery & Carrying Case One md4-1000 flight battery and charger for maximum flight endurance and a field tough carrying case.

mdLiDAR Processing Software Complete point cloud processing and data export, via one integrated software suite and workflow, specially designed for Microdrones mdLiDAR family of systems. POSPAC UAV POSPac UAV DG Direct georeferencing post processing software – used to achieve maximum accuracy and efficiency from data collected by APX-15 UAV DG. Fully Integrated LiDAR & Camera A lightweight, downward oriented LiDAR solution that efficiently scans up to a 85 degree field of view. . Applanix APX-15 UAV DG Compact single-board module with survey-grade GNSS receiver and a precisely calibrated IMU for mapping. mdRC Proven, professional controls and telemetry keep you in control when you need it most.  Digital Data Link Conveniently connect your Microdrones UAV to your digital devices. mdCockpit Tablet Software Simple swipes of the finger help you plan your survey area and monitor progress in flight on your Android tablet. mdInfinity Software (Coming Soon)


Payload • LiDAR Sensor: SICK LD-MRS4 • Camera: FLIR 5MP Global Shutter • Georeferencing: APX-15 UAV

Software • mdCockpit • POSPac UAV DG • mdLiDAR Processing Software

Solution Take off Weight (TOW) 6505 g

System Operational Temperature -10 °C to 50 °C

System Accuracy • LiDAR Point Cloud: • Horizontal: 6 cm • Vertical: 6 cm • Photogrammetry: • Horizontal: 1-2 pixels • Vertical: 3-4 pixels

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