Stemlock Gas Bag

Sometimes Simple is Best
At Stemlock we believe in the simple things — quality, reliability, affordability — to make Blaster Friendly Products. You know, the things that you depend on Stemlock to deliver. Stemlock Gas Bags use a simple chemical process to inflate the plug — no heat, no air compressors, and because Stemlock Gas Bags are sealed at the factory, no fear of leakage. Simple. The Stemlock Gas Bag is a self inflating borehole plug that is used to block or seal a hole at any depth. They are made for 3" to 16" diameter holes. There is no need for an air compressor, for the bags self inflate chemically. There is no leakage because the Gas Bag is sealed during the manufacturing process. There is no heat produced during inflation and the ingredients are not carcinogenic. Substantial savings of up to 35% in explosives costs can be made by using the Gas Bag for air column blasting techniques.