Basic Pull Line Kit

Basic Pull Line Kit

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Item# ZPPULL101
The Pull-Line Basic is an individually carried lightweight kit designed to enable a soldier to remotely move items they suspect may be booby trapped such as doors, gates, or organic material. The included tools are designed for quick attachment of the Dyneema pull-line, decreasing time-on-target and limiting exposure to possible explosive hazards. All tools are easily accessible in the book-style enclosure. The kit fits in a cargo pocket, a backpack, or on a belt.

(1) Zero Point Folding Hook

(1) Benchmade Hook Knife

(1) Modified Vise Grips

and much more...



6" x 4" x 1.5" 


1.5 lbs. populated

This item is made available for law enforcement & military only within the USA and is noncancellable once ordered.