Duke USTI-ECO Shocktube Electric Robot System for Packbot Rail

Duke USTI-ECO Shocktube Electric Robot System for Packbot Rail

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99999 units
The USTI-ECO was safety tested through an EOD/LIC program for use by U.S. Armed Forces. It was designed to work with all robots and remote firing sets in use today by the US military over the entire industrial temperature range.

The firing sequence is triggered by an input pulse longer than 10 ms from 17 to 400 volts.  The firing circuit then automatically charges and delivers a high energy pulse to the terminals.

The shock tube adapter contains four separate maintenance free electrode assemblies giving you three spares when the first one wears out.  Each electrode block delivers over 2,000 shots.   The electrodes are true zero-maintenance assemblies.   No re-carbonizing required.   No cleaning required.

Adapters will fit standard commercial shock tube as well as thick-walled and Mil-Spec shock tube.

The USTI-ECO can also drive an electric breech on disruptor cannons. Universal Shock Tube Initiator with Electric Cap Output
Approvals: Certified through EOD/LIC for operational use by all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces
Weight: 1 lb
Size: 5.5" x 2.5" x 1.25"
Power: One 9-volt alkaline battery
Electric Output: 10 Joules at 370 Volts into 172 ohm load (80 2-ohm caps through a 12-ohm lead line)
Shock Tube Tip: Fires both military and commercial shock tube
Zero maintenance electrode technology
One active and three spare blocks built into tip for long life
Replacement electrode blocks available
Long Battery Life: One battery provides over 400 nominal charge-fire cycles.
Battery life is temerature dependent.
Operating Temperature: -10C to +85C
Humidity: 95% non-condensing
Case: Die cast aluminum with desert tan powder coat