EOD Blue Claw Crab Line Cutter

EOD Blue Claw Crab Line Cutter

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The EOD BLUE CLAW CRAB tool is a needed piece of first responder equipment for use by many Military and Law Enforcement Personnel. Specifically, by Land or Underwater EOD operators. The tool allows to safely rig into straps, webbing, rope without the possibility of detachment or unintentional line severing. Designed in mind with Military Grade manufacturing, this superior maritime snag free cutter provides additional premature line cutting safety features for it's operators. There is no comparable tool of it's quality and effectiveness on the market.




  • Designed for Maritime or Terrestrial Use
  • Constructed of Machined Durable Aircraft Grade Aluminum and Stainless Components
  • Dual replaceable Cutting Blades
  • Premature Line Cutting prevention Safety Band Feature
  • External locking Pivot Arm
  • Blade locking Bracket
  • Multiple Attachment Points
  • The safest Line cutting tool on the market for Underwater IED Render safe and Separation procedures
  • Product is completely manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Available within the USA only.