Quasar Exploding Target Non-Binary Explosive UN 1.4S Visual and Audible Tattle Tale

Quasar Visual & Audible Pyrotechnic Tattle Tale 10 pack

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Quasar Tattle Tale


A Remote pyrotechnic visual and audible indicator verifying sequential and last charges fired. Bright flash of light. White smoke. Defflagrating audible signal. A great safety tool before the "All clear" call over the radio.



UN 1.4S

ATF Approved

USA Manufacturing

No mixing required

Ready to use bio-degradeable packaging

Commercial detonator and minimal 25gr detonating cord sensitive

A redundant surface visible connection is affixed (securely taped) to quasar

Quasar fires with the connected charge




  • Quasar tell tales are not to be provided to anyone under the age of 18 years
  • do not subject the Quasar tell tale to high impact or pinching from any source
  • do not use the Quasar near dry grass, crops, stubble fields, trees, or combustible sources
  • do not attempt to affix the Quasar tell tale to a surface by driving a nail, screw, or staple through it
  • do not ignore safety information as it may result in injury or even death
  • do not burn or incinerate Quasar tell tales. do not store quasar tell tales near an open flame. do not smoke in the vicinity of Quasar tell tales
  • do not attempt to dismantle or modify Quasar tell tales in any way



  • read all safety information on the product package and this website before use.
  • always wear proper eye and hearing protection
  • store Quasar tell tales as you would ammunition, in a cool, dry area away from flammable materials, or excessive heat
  • ensure a properly maintained fire extinguisher is available when using this product



 **Requires Hazmat shipping and a Direct Signature at delivery**

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