Speed Reel with 100 ft of 2mm Kernmantle

Speed Reel with 100 ft of 2mm Kernmantle

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The reel holds 100′ of 2mm Kernmantle line.  The 2mm Kernmantle is standard, it’s significantly more durable and holds up to getting dragged around much.  

The handle is geared up with respect to the spindle, which allows line to be pulled in very quickly. The dimensions are 5-1/4″ long, 4″ wide, and 2-5/8″ thick, and weighs 14oz loaded with line.  Materials are stainless steel, delrin, and aluminum, providing excellent corrosion resistance.

So why not just daisy chain your line? After all, daisy chaining adds no weight, no bulk, is 100% reliable when done correctly, and costs nothing. When paying out the line a daisy chain is just as good as a reel, but what about recovering line?  If you, as a dismounted Tech, have to pack up and move in a hurry the line will almost certainly be shoved in a dump pouch or cargo pocket.  And the line will be useless in a follow on IED, because it takes ten minutes to untangle and re-daisy chain.  And that’s why we built this reel.

Gen 3 upgrades include a friction screw to keep the line from unspooling, and a spring clip on the back to keep your hands free while rigging.  We have also moved to a 2mm Kernmantle line as standard.